Le Français à GEC

French at GEC


Glen Eira College – Secondary school with an outstanding French program in Melbourne

Glen Eira College is delivering a first class bicultural french program in Melbourne.

Glen Eira College – Ecole avec un programme Français de haut niveau à Melbourne

Glen Eira College offre un programme Français biculturel et d’excellence à Melbourne.

The best of both worlds.

Glen Eira College est un centre d’excellence dans l’enseignement de la langue française. Actuellement, il y a trois options pour l’étude du Français :

    • Français 1ère langue – Mathématiques, Histoire et Géographie suivant le programme Français (GEC est accrédité par le CNED : Centre National d‘Enseignement à Distance).
    • Français immersion – Un programme dans lequel les élèves étudient le Français, l’Histoire et la Géographie en suivant le programme Australien selon la méthode EMILE (Enseignement d’une Matière Intégré à une Langue Etrangère).
    • Français LOTE – Adapté aux élèves Australiens qui apprennent le Français comme langue étrangère selon le programme du Victoria

Glen Eira College is a centre of excellence in French language delivery. Currently, there are three options to study French language:

    • French first language program – Maths, History and Geography taught following the French curriculum (GEC is accredited with CNED : Centre National d‘Enseignement à Distance).
    • French immersion program – A program where students learn French and Humanities following the Australian curriculum according to the CLIL methodology (Content Language Integrated Learning).
    • French Language (LOTE) – Intended to Australian students learning French as a foreign language according to standard curriculum in Victoria.
GEC is accredited by the CNED (French Government Distance Education Program)GEC is member of AAFEBS (Australian Association of French English Bilingual Schools)

Many activities during the year

    • French club
    • Francophonie Week
    • New Caledonia Trip
    • Dis-moi dix mots Competition : Photos and Videos Competition. This year, we did a website, you can visit it by clicking here.
    • Berthe Mouchette Competition (Poetry recitation Competition organized by the Alliance Française de Melbourne)
    • DELF extension and enrichment program
    • French excursions : French Film Festival, NGV
    • Sister School “Dumbéa sur Mer”

Calendar of Events



 18th – 26th MarchSemaine de la Francophonie
2nd MayBienvenue, Yokoso and Shalom Open Day
3rd MayOpen Day and Open Night

Photos Gallery

Francophonie WeekAward AssemblyNew Caledonia Trip / Visit of the school “Dumbéa sur Mer” at Glen Eira CollegeBastille DayDis-moi dix mots Competition


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