Glen Eira College students participate in various sporting activities, during and after school hours. These activities allow students to challenge themselves in a fun and motivating way.


Glen Eira College competes in the Beachside Division against many surrounding Secondary Schools. Students in Years 7-12 have the opportunity to participate in Interschool Sports each Term. Interschool sport is a great way to build social relationships with peers while developing communication, team work and sporting skills.

Interschool Sporting activities include:

Badminton Table Tennis Basketball
Tennis Swimming Athletics
Cricket Netball Hockey
Handball Softball Soccer
Cross Country Baseball Futsal


Each student in Years 7-12 is placed in a House (blue, red, gold and green) to compete in the Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals, which are held every year. These carnivals are whole school events where students and teachers dress up in their House colours and compete in a friendly environment.

Students who compete in the House carnivals have the opportunity to progress through to the next level of competition against surrounding schools.


Some of our students’ recent achievements include:

  1. Haddi El Shorbaggy – State Champion 2017 Field Athletics
  2. Year 7 Girls Softball – SSV State Finals – Runners Up 2017
  3. Senior Boys Lawn Bowls – SMR Champions and State Finalists 2017
  4. Senior Boys Soccer – Beachside Division Winners 2017
  5. Intermediate Girls Softball – SMR Champions 2017
  6. Year 8 Badminton Girls and Boys – SMR Runners Up 2017
  7. Year 7 Girls Table Tennis – SMR Runners Up 2017
  8. Year 7 Boys Table Tennis – Beachside Division Winners 2017
  9. Year 7 Girls Badminton – SMR Champions and State Finalists 2016
  10. Year 7 Girls Softball – SMR Champions and State Finalists 2016
  11. Year 7 Boys Badminton – SMR Runners Up 2016
  12. Intermediate Girls Softball Division Winners and SMR Runners Up- 2016
  13. SMR Swimming Representatives 2016-2017
  14. SMR Athletics Representatives 2016-2017