Teaching & Learning

Overview and Handbooks

The curriculum at Glen Eira College focuses on forging a learning partnership of teachers and students. The curriculum aims to be broad, engaging and challenging with programs that provide meaningful and satisfying outcomes. We are committed to an engaging curriculum through a pedagogical approach characterised by lessons that include starter activities, clear learning aims, differentiated learning tasks, review of lesson content and evaluation of the learning that has occurred.


Please see the Policy under About Us, Policies


Glen Eira College has implemented a continuous reporting model. All reports are completed electronically via XUNO.  Parents will be notified when reports are available to view.

Progress Reports: These reports will provide information in regards to: Quality of work / Classroom Behaviour / Effort / Homework/Attendance / Learning Progress assessed on a 5 point scale. They will be provided 3 times per term.

The final progress report in the semester will indicate a final S or N and also assess Victorian Curriculum Progression Point (Year 7-10 only).

Assessment Tasks: Most students will complete 3 formal assessment tasks per semester. The results will appear on the XUNO portal.

The Glen Eira 5 – A College Vision

During 2011 a college vision was developed through consultation with all stakeholders – parents, students and teachers. The following set of protocols encompasses what our college community strives to achieve.

5 promises teachers make to our students;

  • maintain a safe learning environment
  • know how you learn and what direction your learning should take
  • make classes engaging
  • listen, encourage and support
  • involve the wider community in your learning

5 promises staff make to one another;

  • share resources
  • support one another
  • work collaboratively to improve student learning
  • be consistent in applying policies
  • learn from one another

5 characteristics you will see in our teaching;

  • differentiate teaching and learning to support and challenge the full range of abilities
  • structure lessons according to SABRE
  • be innovative and reflective
  • be enthusiastic
  • be accountable for improving student outcomes

5 things you will see from our students;

  • seize opportunities to learn and participate
  • be enthusiastic and motivated
  • communicate and be respectful
  • work together, acting responsibly and creatively
  • direct their own learning through questioning and exploring

5 things you will see from our parents, carers and guardians;

  • be involved and contribute to the broader educational program
  • play an active role in the child’s learning
  • support their children in achieving their learning goals
  • promote the school values
  • maintain open lines of communication with the school