Student Wellbeing


Principal and Assistant Principal

The Principal and Assistant Principals form the management and administrative team, responsible for carrying out Government policy and for the delivery of a comprehensive curriculum. The Principal and Assistant Principal:

  • have overall responsibility for matters of student support and management
  • provide links with all external support agencies in the community
  • are a source of advice and counselling complementary to the structure outlined below.

Student Wellbeing Leader

Nicholas Ford

The Student Wellbeing Leader will work in collaboration with the Student Management Group, Teaching and Learning Committee and staff as appropriate to develop, coordinate and maintain the total student support structures, policies and programs. The Student Wellbeing Leader:

  • provides a confidential and non-threatening environment to assist students to solve their problems
  • liaises with services outside the college, such as counsellors, lawyers, youth workers, court officials, DHS, police officers and medical centres
  • is there to listen when students need to talk to someone about themselves, school, home or friends
  • assist in completing all forms such as Youth Allowance
  • provides assistance to families who are experiencing difficulty in meeting costs associated with uniforms, books, excursions


Sub School Leaders and Year Level Co-ordinators

Junior School Leader: Jared Bandara
Year 7 Coordinators: Sophie Clark & Dean West
Year 8 Coordinators: Edgar Bonne & Madeline Owen
Year 9 Coordinators: Karen Eap & Daniel Lake 

Senior School Leader: Jeffrey Micallef
Year 10 Coordinator: Elizabeth Tasiopoulos, Ting Pan
Year 11 Coordinator: Jake Sherman
Year 12 Coordinator: Laura Brancatella

Sub school leaders coordinate the wellbeing and management of students within the Sub-School. They work with the year level coordinators, team teachers and wellbeing coordinator to ensure accurate recording and consistent management of student discipline procedures.

They work with the Teaching & Learning Coordinator and Learning Areas to foster inquiry into curriculum and program initiatives relevant to specific age cohorts with a view to ongoing improvement of curriculum delivery.

The Year Level Co-ordinators are the main point of contact for liaison between home and school. They:

  • organise year level programs
  • monitor students’ classroom progress
  • monitor and follow-up student absences
  • assist students who are having either school-based or personal problems
  • are responsible for the support and discipline of students in their year level.