Senior School


The senior school provides extensive opportunities for students to achieve academic excellence. A carefully structured teaching and learning program underpinned by close monitoring of every student’s progress allows all students to achieve success. Students are encouraged to ‘Cross the Line’ into the senior school by making the leap into a broader curriculum in year 10 and a comprehensive VCE program.

The individual needs of students are supported by our staff in all aspects of their education and development. Glen Eira College provides an extensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) program, tailored work schedules, comprehensive career counselling and advice, out of class assistance by teachers and responsive administrators who believe all students have the ability to succeed.

To ensure that senior students can cope with the demands of the VCE, the college conducts counselling sessions on course selection, including multiple wellbeing focussed supports and programs designed to assist with time management, study skills and community mindfulness.

The Year 10 program consists of semester length units that run for 5 periods per week. One unit of English and Maths is compulsory each semester. Students select a further 8 units from the remaining 6 Domain areas; Humanities, Science, Health, PE, Arts, and Technology. Year 10 students are encouraged to enrich their learning program with the addition of a year 11 subject, giving them the opportunity to include a sixth subject in the VCE portfolio so that they can achieve the best results possible.

The structure of the curriculum allows all Year 11 and 12 students to choose from a wide range of VCE studies, preparing them for a variety of tertiary courses and careers. Senior students are required to complete a minimum of 22 units of studies over two years. A normal Year 11 program comprises six Unit 1 & 2 sequences, followed by five Unit 3 & 4 sequences in Year 12. To graduate with the VCE, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 16 units, with a satisfactory pass for at least three units of English or EAL, this must include units 3 & 4.

Students may also elect to do Unit 3 and 4 studies in Year 11 and may enrol in University Enhancement studies in Year 12. Access to Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs in the senior years enables students to gain bonus credits towards tertiary studies.

The VCE Baccalaureate is now awarded to students who have met the requirement of the award. Students much achieve the following outcomes within their VCE to get this award.

  • Units 3 and 4 sequence in English or Literature or English Language with a study score of 30 or above; or a Units 3 and 4 sequence in EAL with a study score of 33 or above
  • Units 3 and 4 sequence in either Mathematics Methods (CAS) or Specialist Mathematics
  • Units 3 and 4 sequence in a VCE Language
  • At least two other Units 3 and 4 sequences
  • Staff and students were delighted to celebrate the achievement of our 2022 students:
    • Our Dux, achieved an ATAR score of 98.4
    • Average ATAR was 73
    • 13% of ATAR scores 90 or above
    • 36% of ATAR scores 80 or above
    • 1% of study scores 40 or above up from
    • Median study score 31
    • 5 students received the VCE Baccalaureate