SABRE Instructional Model


The SABRE Instructional Model is used by teachers at Glen Eira College. It is designed to structure each lesson into a series of learning stages; enrich the learning experience to engage all students; and differentiate teaching to cater for the diverse range of students in every class including extension.

Teacher’s collaborate to develop stimulating approaches to teaching and learning in an effort to engage all learners. A rigourous and collaborative educational culture creates a full and rewarding learning experience for each student in which the pursuit of excellence is expected. Teachers at Glen Eira College are committed to integrating the ‘Four C’s’ into their teaching programs – Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity. By fostering curiosity, developing critical and creative thinking skills as well as collaborative problem-solving skills, students are supported to become self-directed learners. Using the SABRE Instructional Model creates a clear lesson structure that supports learners to understand what knowledge, skills and concepts are expected for that lesson.




Focus students with an engaging activity upon entry into the classroom.


To create interest. It should facilitate oral language development and/or build on prior learning.


States the learning aims of the lesson and success criteria. 


To focus on the teaching and learning of the lesson. It should link with the review and evaluation steps.


Development of lesson including engagement and individual/small group support for the differing ability levels in the classroom.


To facilitate guided practice through to independent practice.


Reflection or revision activities that consolidate and extend the learning that has taken place.


To encourage deeper thinking about the learning that has occurred and reflect on whether the success criteria was achieved.


To gain feedback using formative assessments.


To help refine the next steps in the learning.