Enhancement and Enrichment Programs

Enhancement and enrichment takes many forms at Glen Eira College with a range of opportunities existing both inside and outside the classroom.

According to the Department of Education and Training gifted and talented children and young people may have one or more gifts or talents in areas such as;
• separate academic disciplines, such as maths, science, languages or humanities
• physical, artistic or technical ability, such as sport, visual or performing arts, agricultural science or software development
• creativity, innovative thinking and problem-solving
• social, communicative and leadership
To ensure that the above areas are recognised and developed for all students, Glen Eira College hosts a range of different initiatives to enhance and enrich every student’s learning experience.

Glen Eira runs a select entry accelerated (SEAL) program for students in years7 to 9. Students in this program have the option of beginning VCE studies in year 10, and subsequently University Enrichment studies in year 12.
There are a variety of extension activities that happen outside of the classroom. Some of these are directly subject specific. In the past our students have excelled at the UNSW IT Challenge and the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition.
GEM, the student magazine, is published once a term, full of articles, interviews and reviews from the students. Glen Eira College also participates in regional debating through the Debating Association of Victoria with some students representing the school at the State Parliament. There is also a house debating program that allows students to gain experience and confidence while competing against their peers.
Students are given opportunities to enrich their school experience by taking on leadership roles, for example Junior School and Senior School Captains, House Captains and the Student Representative Council. Students are also given the opportunity to extend their leadership beyond the college and participate in the Model UN Conference and the Junior Gifted & Talented Conference.
For the Senior School we have developed a partnership with motivational speaker Daren Pereira who has developed a three year program for each year level from 10 to 12 to prepare them for the demands of VCE and beyond. The Aim High Club is also available to all year 12 student to access a variety of resources and tools to help with their journey throughout the year.
Glen Eira College strives to provide excellent educational opportunities for every student. We aim to enrich the learning experience for all students by provided quality teaching and extra-curricular opportunities.