English Language Centre

The Glen Eira English Language Centre provides an introduction to education in Australia for newly arrived and international secondary students from language backgrounds other than English.

The program enables students to achieve an enhanced level of success in mainstream schooling through exposure to the Australian education system and school life. Further, the program  facilitates awareness of Australian culture and customs in a supportive environment.

The Glen Eira English Language Centre program provides intensive English language tuition in the context of a mainstream school curriculum so that students gain effective control of the language of subject learning areas.


Glen Eira College caters for secondary aged new arrivals, international students intending to study in State schools and students requiring short term English language instruction. On completion of the language program students are assisted in their transition to mainstream schooling.

The program has a strong focus on the wellbeing of its students providing assistance in a number of areas. These include applications for educational support, medical assistance from the visiting nurse. Community links are encouraged to familiarize families with their new environment.

Staff assist families in understanding written information and school reports. Interpreter services are provided at parent-teacher interviews or as needed.

Key features of the program are:

  • Specialist English language tuition
  • Studies in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Technologies
  • Access to computer technology in classrooms and resource centre
  • Activities including sport, assemblies, concerts and performances and multicultural activities
  • Transition support to help students and families enter new schools or explore other educational pathways


Enrolment is open to any student intending to study at secondary level, students are usually between 12 and 18 years of age. Students stay a minimum of two terms.

Please contact the ELC to make an appointment to visit the ELC or enroll.

Please phone: (03) 9571 7838