Vision, Values and Mission

Glen Eira College – Vision, Values and Mission


Our students are empowered with a desire to learn and grow as individuals, and to become connected local and global community members who respect the rights of all – Learn, Grow, Connect

Mission Statement

Our community believes passionately in state education and education as a human right. Our objectives in achieving our vision are;

·         providing a challenging academic curriculum

·         learning and connections beyond the classroom

·         celebrating our learning endeavours 

·         teaching and encouraging critical and reflective thinking

·         encouraging independent and creative thinking

·         fostering a sense of belonging

·         developing diverse and positive relationships

·         promoting a sustainable future

·         developing agile, self-confident and resilient learners

Values Statement

Growth and striving – we grow and aspire to learn by innovating and collaborating together 

Equity and integrity – we all have access to a broad range of opportunities that are inclusive of our diverse community.

Care and respect – we care for each other, we act respectfully and support each other in doing our best .