Year 9 Program: Making Connections

The Year 9 Program aims to enlarge students’ perception of their world and of themselves and the possibilities and resources available to them. It supplements classroom learning by allowing students to engage in interesting, authentic and inspirational learning both inside and outside the school environment. The program has a different focus and different curriculum goals each term and the term’s activities are linked to, and are supported by relevant subject areas.


TERM 1: Exploring St. Kilda

The focus is on the area of St Kilda, with students exploring the various attractions this community has to offer, its historical past and diverse present. Students conduct research in St Kilda during Term One and complete an open ended task, based on a topic/issue they consider important and relevant to St Kilda’s current or past history and/or culture.


TERM 2: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The term’s focus is on the development of a healthy body and mind. As part of this unit, students experience a number of physical and wellbeing learning activities: a variety of guest speakers are engaged to support the learning. Students participate in a Community Health Services Scavenger Hunt, Tritactics, Ormond Health and Fitness Sessions and many other activities.


TERM 3: The Real World (including Course Counselling)

The focus of “The Real World” is to encourage students to begin considering possible career opportunities in their future. It helps to prepare them for part time work by producing a cover letter, resume and ultimately participating in a formal mock interview. They complete on line OHS modules which assists in preparing them for their Year 10 work experience.

Students also receive course counselling during Term 3 for their Year 10 subject selections.


TERM 4: City Experience

City is an innovative education program that uses the city to inspire learning. Over the term, student teams carry out an active research project throughout the city – they explore a topic of interest by interacting with the community in the CBD.