Get Involved at GEC

Glen Eira College has a vibrant and energetic culture reflected in a large range of lunchtime and after school activities. There are several clubs that run including drama, dance, book, knitters, card games, art, music, philosophy, debating, sports and computer clubs. The exciting sport program is augmented by lunchtime and after school competitions such as futsal, basketball, netball and badminton.

Students at Glen Eira College participate in a large range of other extra-curricular competitions and challenges. Both academic and sports minded students can choose to take on further challenges such as:

  • Maths Challenge Competition
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • University Enhancement Studies: Mathematics at Melbourne University
  • Debating

Students can develop their leadership skills on the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC meets every week to discuss special weeks and days which are celebrated at the college, community and school campaigns, fundraising and various issues raised by other students.

Fundraising events are a fun and exciting way to raise money for causes decided by the students. The events are led by a member of the SRC along with the SRC students who are interested in the particular event. In 2015, the SRC has chosen to raise money for:

  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • Japan Earthquake Appeal
  • SIDS
  • YGAP
  • Cancer Council
  • Homelessness Prevention (Students donated non perishable foods)
  • Berry Street (Students donated presents for the holidays season)

In 2016, the SRC has already run successful events to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Later in the year, it is planned to also donate books to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and to communities overseas, once again donate food to the homeless and run the Forty Hour Famine.

Some students from various year levels are initiating other campaigns such as food and clothes for the needy and sponsoring a child in Africa. It is a great opportunity to get involved in helping to promote, take part, and even initiate other campaigns.

Term 1 – GEC Extra Curricular Activities:

RoboCup Junior Victoria – Melbourne Regional Competition Imagine that a terrible earthquake has hit a city and caused a large chemical storage unit to rupture spilling thousands of litres of toxic chemicals in the city’s centre. A person is trapped on a sinking water tank in the middle of the chemical spill. Rescue crews are having trouble entering the city with the amount of rubble around and rescue from the air has also been ruled out due to the noxious gases rising around the city. It has been decided that the best form of rescue is the deployment of an autonomous robot that can navigate to the scene and rescue the stranded person on the water tank by pushing or dragging the water tank out of the chemical spill. This was the scenario presented to two teams from Glen Eira College as well as 24 other teams at the RoboCup Junior Melbourne Regional Competition. To complete the rescue, the students needed to design and program a robot to follow a black line, negotiate intersections, navigate around objects, climb over bridges, speed bumps and see-saws and, finally, locate and rescue the victim. Although called a “competition,” the main objective of the Melbourne Regionals is to share ideas with fellow participants from other schools, as well as test out and fine tune robots for the Victorian State Competition. That said, the teams did admirably with one team just missing out on the finals, and the other recovering from a complete robot meltdown the night before, having to rebuild and reprogram a robot from scratch on the morning of the competition.