Camps and Excursions


Excursions and incursions are an integral part of our program. These are educationally based and socially beneficial. They are employed to enhance learning experiences and reinforce concepts taught in the classroom, providing opportunities to apply knowledge and understanding gained at school to ‘real life’ situations.

Camps play an important role in building group cohesiveness, in fostering friendship, and in strengthening the relationships between teachers and students. In addition, it gives individual students opportunities to develop independence and leadership skills. Year 7 camp, in particular, helps facilitate a smooth transition from primary school into secondary school.

All students have the opportunity to participate in camps appropriate to their age and interests during the year. All students are encouraged to attend.


Camps in 2017

Year 7 – Camp Marysville

In the third week of Term 1, Year 7 students travel to Marysville for a three day camp. It’s a great way for students to get to know one another in a different setting. The activities include canoeing, rock climbing, mountain bike riding, low ropes course, bushwalking, grow it, cook it, and initiatives.

Year 8 – Camp Kangaroobie

Camp Kangaroobie is an award winning, accredited camp on the Great Ocean Road that offers unique activities, great accommodation and beautiful surroundings. The activities include an obstacle course, canoeing on the river, a hike to the beach and a trip to the farm, just to name a few. Let’s not forget a trip to the 12 Apostles on our way home!

Year 9 – Rubicon: Adventure Camp

Rubicon is a residential Outdoor Education school operated by the DET. Rubicon has two campuses that offer a variety of different activities.

Term 2 Camp: The Nayook Campus, located near Neerim Junction, approximately 100 km east of Melbourne, is a recent addition to the school. The activities include bush walking, canoeing (flat or moving water), caving, environmental studies, expeditions, high ropes, initiative activities, mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing and rogaining.

Term 3 Camp: The Thornton Campus, is in the picturesque Rubicon Valley approximately 100km north-east of Melbourne. The campus is situated on 2.1 hectares of land. Activities taking place onsite include rock climbing, rogaining, initiatives and environmental activities.  Thornton also has an environmental focus educating for sustainable living.  The centre currently has a vegetable garden and a water and power conservation program. Offsite activities can include bushwalking, canoeing, high ropes, rafting, rock climbing, horse riding, skiing and cycling.

Year 10 and 11: – Camp Araluen- Anglesea
Located on the Great Ocean Road, a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, the camp offers a range of beach, water, challenge, environmental and team building activities for all to enjoy.

Year 12: – VCE related incursions and excursions
In their final year of VCE students are involved in a number of incursions and excursions including:
– Study Skills Seminar by Darren Pereira
– Subject based excursions, e.g. Biology excursion to Gene Technology Access Centre
– VCE and Careers Expo
– Celebration events including Formal and Valedictory

New Caledonia – Open to all students.


Voyage en Nouvelle Caledonie

Mars – Avril 2015

When we all met at the airport on Saturday 28th of March, nervous excitement was in the air. Concerns about who will I sit next to on the plane or how long will the flight be or what will be our first activity was coming from everywhere. We soon said goodbye to our family and we embarked on our long awaited trip to New Caledonia. And, when we came back 8 days after, all we could hear is why do we have to go back home now and most of all , it did not matter who we were sitting next to on the plane! And for me, this summarises the trip. Friendship, laughter, happiness, adventure, cultural discovery, language immersion, memorable moments, and of course some bruises here and there were what we came back with.

Our trip was filled with excursions around Noumea, visiting Museums, the Aquarium, Kanak dance workshop, Parc Forestier to explore the fauna and flora of New Caledonia, discovering Phare Amedée Island, meeting the turtles and other sea creatures when snorkelling, paddle boarding , swimming in the sea and many more highlights. Our students enjoyed playing in the pool at the hotel (sometimes a bit too much!) and going out for dinners at local restaurants and finding out that “They don’t mess with their food and their baguettes in New Caledonia!”

But the highlight of the trip was definitely our sister school, Dumbéa Sur Mer. Nothing compared to the warmth and friendliness of the students and teachers of the school who welcomed us in their world for 3 days. Even though on the first day, we did not expect all the excitement and curiosity that our visit created amongst the students, we soon found out that it all translated to a desire to learn more about Australia and its people and we shared the same desire to learn more about New Caledonia and its people. On the 2nd day, our students had all made new friends; gifts, letters, contact details were exchanged and Maths, Science, PE, History, Geography and many more subjects, all in French, sounded more appealing! Our students also had the opportunity to commemorate World War 1 by participating in a wood carving activity and in a collaborative analysis of “Les Affiches de Propagande” with the 24 students who will be visiting our school in July. We look forward to many more adventures with our sister school in the years to come!

Leah, Cooper, Rachel, Samantha, Phoebe, Caitlin L, Caitlin S, Paige, Jack, Oscar, Henry, Will, Sean, Anna, Kai and Taylor all came back enriched with life-long souvenirs which I know will stay with them. And of course they all came back revitalised to pursue their French language learning with profound interest and enthusiasm with the bonus of a rewarding experience in their pocket. Thank you to you all! Each one of you has either said or done something during the trip which has given me the drive and the energy to start again in 2 years’ time! So, rendez- vous in 2017!

A big Merci Beaucoup to David Ebert who has contributed so much to the success of our trip. His presence and support will not be forgotten. And especially, we look forward to see Monsieur Ebert enrolled in a French class soon so that he does not forget all that he has gained during the trip!

Here is what he had to say about the trip:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in New Caledonia, particularly the visit to our sister school. I tried to imagine what it would be like for students at GEC who are just learning English. I could manage the English class without a problem. I could follow what was happening in Maths and Physics. But French and History, not a chance!

Here is what some of our students had to say about the trip:

In New Caledonia, you will spend the majority of your time laughing! It was a great experience; speaking French, exploring the place and eating a lot.

Phoebe Foldvari


I thought the trip was very educational but it was always fun and exciting! Never a dull moment.

Sean Kelly


It was amazing at the end of the trip everyone became so close – it was a great bonding experience

Paige Reynolds


I had fun meeting new people at the school, I would go back any day.

Caitlin Shaw


The trip was amazing. Meeting everyone from the school and also becoming friends with everyone on the trip from GEC

Taylor Abbott


It was an amazing opportunity to improve my French, meet new people and try new things

Anna Roswell


It was a great experience to further practice our French and have fun at the same time

Will Stamp


New Caledonia was a great trip that greatly immersed me in the French language. Highly recommend!

Kai Cappel


I had fun in New Caledonia. It was amazing!

Rachel Hoch


Everything about the trip was exciting. Even school!! I also learn lots of French

Henry De Bono


It was a wonderful experience. Meeting the people at the school was amazing, same with all the activities

Caitlin Lavery